The Healthy Path 

Ananda ~ Health and Wellbeing was founded by Hannah Chaudhri to provide services that support, foster and improve optimal health in our communities. 


Ananda means ‘Bliss’ when translated from Sanskrit.  Hannah’s late Father was called Anand who was a colourful, energetic and active man who brought happiness with his presence to the people around him. This was her greatest inspiration and her aim is for everyone is To Feel Happy in Life, and believes everyone can, but only when they know how. 


Hannah has been working in the Health and Wellbeing Industry since her graduation in Arts Practice and Cultural Policy in 1999. During this time she has led her own business successfully coaching and mentoring clients and staff, hosting and facilitating training workshops and seminars for business, organisational, and academic teams.  Alongside her business she has nearly two decades of experience of lecturing and assessing in Further and Higher Education and as a Manager for a large leisure trust leading the Public Health and Wellbeing agenda. 


Hannah’s passion for physical activity and linking all elements (Physical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual) of health together has ensured she remained in industry as a GP Referral Specialist, Personal Trainer, Studio Instructor and developing a Hatha Yoga Studio space, and more recently providing this service in the wider community enabling participation for specialist user groups. 

Her method of working holistically with the body and mind began when she was a teenager trying to understand her mixed cultural lineage, and during this time began experimenting with yoga, it wasn't until many years later after suffering the consequences of self manifested drama and chaos in her life that she understood; that if we all took the philosophy of yoga into our daily lives we could live a far happier and more peaceful existence.



​Hannah has a proven track record of working with clients from all walks of life who share the common goal of bettering their mind, body, and soul. After so many years of gaining knowledge and experience she decided to follow her own advice to follow your desires and to take the leap of faith – and

Ananda ~ Health and Wellbeing was created. 


Whether you are a business or organisation wanting to improve the Health and Wellbeing of their workforce, or as an individual who want to improve your life, Ananda ~ Health and Wellbeing provides the resources to do so in a healing and friendly environment. 


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