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Ananda ~ Health and Wellbeing provide Hatha Yoga classes, 1:1 Yoga P.T, and Monthly Workshops (see these on the Events page) from the bespoke studio in Bridgwater, The Ananda Shala and also at various locations in the local Community. We can also provide classes for special events such as parties, wellbeing events and within the workplace or educational setting. 

The yoga  classes are designed to improve the strength, flexibility, and balance of both your body and mind. 















"The mind is like a kite, and the breath is like the string of the kite. Just like you control a kite with the string, same way with the breath you can start to have some control over your mind"

-Chirac Mohta

The Ananda Studio

 A bespoke studio hosting a maximum of 10 people to ensure a blissful and authentic experience. 


Participants need to bring a blanket for meditation 

Gift Vouchers are available to give the gift of yoga to a loved one


Class Times:

From 1st March 2020


1805-1905 Yoga

1915-2015 Yoga

2015-2100 Yoga Nidra and Meditation


2005-2105 Hatha Yoga


1750-1850 Yoga


0845-0945 Yoga

1:1 & small group sessions are available

Studio Prices

Monthly Class Pass:

1 class per week  £30.00*  / 2 class per week £55.00*

* Monthly class pass based on

4 weeks

Pay As You Go:

Yoga Class - £9.00

Yoga Nidra - £6.00

1:1 Yoga PT

1 hour - £40.00

Package (4x1hr) - £150.00

T&Cs Below

Community Classes

 We offer adult Hatha classes within our local community. We are always keen to bring new classes to your community, please contact us if you would like a class in your community. 


Participants are required to bring their own equipment (Mat and Blanket) 

Gift Vouchers are available to give the gift of yoga to a loved one




Class Times:

From 1st March 2020


Puriton Sports Hall

1045 - 1145 Hatha Yoga


Westfield Church Hall

1900-2000  Hatha Yoga 


Puriton Village Hall

1830-1930  Hatha Yoga



Trimwise Fitness

1000-1100  Hatha Yoga

Chedzoy Village Hall

1930-2030  Hatha Yoga


Class Prices

Pay As You Go:

Yoga Class - £6.00

Monthly Class Pass:

1 class per week  £20.00* / 2 class pass £35.00

* Monthly class pass based on

4 weeks




1:1 Yoga PT

In your home or at the Ananda Shala

1 hour - £40.00

Package (4x1hr) - £150.00


​Class Descriptors 


A traditional class including: Asanas (postures) to help alignment, strength, and flexibility. Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation (relaxation) is also integrated into the class.  All levels welcomed. 

Yoga Nidra

A guided meditation to reach conscious awareness of the deep sleep state and complete relaxation. 















Terms and Conditions


Monthly packages are non refundable - No shows / cancellations will be charged / Monthly packages must be used within the current month unless otherwise agreed / Classes require a minimum of 4 participants to run / Monthly packages can be used by 1 person only / Medical disclosure will be required (not able to include pregnant participants) / Monthly offers subject to additional terms and conditions / No classes on bank holidays / GFY class passes are not valid after 01/05/2019

Go to Events or Ananda Shala for Courses and Workshops


Ananda is offering a Virtual Studio during the pandemic via Zoom.

£20.00 per month

Live stream 1 class per week.

T&Cs Apply

Monday: 6.00pm Yoga /7.15pm Yoga for Sport /  7.45pm Relaxation and Yoga Nidra

Tuesday: 10.00am Yoga / 1.00pm Short Meditation / 7.00pm Yoga Fitness

Thursday: 10.00am Yoga / 1.00pm Short Meditation / 7.00pm Yoga 

Sunday: 10.00am Yoga

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