Corporate Packages

During this unprecedented time of the Covid-19 pandemic Ananda ~ Health and Wellbeing is offering a package for Corporate Businesses and Organisations to build a package for their teams who may be furloughed, working from home, or continuing as front line workers. 

The wellbeing of staff has a direct impact on their health, happiness and productivity, and this will not only effect individuals but also have a short and long term impact on the business. 

Ananda~ Health and Wellbeing is able to offer services via zoom for up to 100 participants, and can build a package to fulfil your requirements, whether that be 1 yoga class per week, or an ongoing training programme. 

All packages are offered at a 25% discount during the U.K Lockdown.
The prices are structured on a sliding scale: 
1-25 participants = £50.00 per hour
26 - 50 participants = £75.00 per hour
51 - 100 participants = £100.00 per hour
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