Ananda ~ Health and Wellbeing offers bespoke Workplace Training packages to Businesses, Organisations and Community Groups. Whether its your Leadership Team, Managers, Staff Teams, Apprentices, or Students; we can tailor our Discovery Based Change ~ Health and Wellbeing Training Products to meet your needs. 

Remote packages are available for all services during Covid-19

Group Lecture

We offer a Coaching and Mentoring service that is designed to help you explore your current lifestyle choices, behaviours and patterns affecting your work and home life. We find realistic methods to support you to make the changes you need to lead a happier, healthier and more productive life at home and at work. 

This service can be offered in the workplace or remotely, and can be adapted to work with small groups. 

This tool has been successful with individuals who desire change, but lack the necessary drive, motivation and structure to get started. 


Health and Wellbeing in the workplace is ultimately about change. As an employer you will want to offer the best service you can to your workforce to improve retention, revenue, and your reputation. 

You can choose a bespoke offering of Holistic Therapies including: Yoga, Massage, Mindfulness and Meditation. This can be combined with the above services for a special training event or as on-going services that you provide, as part of a reward scheme, or even to simply boost morale and build stronger more cohesive teams. 

Remote packages for Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness are available during Covid-19

Go Team

Massage therapy is not only great for relaxation and stress relief, but it also aids the body to fight infection and regain internal balance. 

You may also like Mindfulness, Meditation, or Nidra sessions to help your connect your mind to the present moment. 

Holistic Services are offered at 'The Ananda Healing Zen Den' in Bridgwater, and can also be provided as a mobile service to your home, workplace, party or event.

Gift Vouchers are available for our holistic treatments and services.

Hand Massage

There are a selection of venues of weekly Yoga sessions in the Ananda Studio and in the local Community. We also offer this service in your own home, workplace, or venue. Recent bookings have been for Hen Parties, Organisational Wellbeing Events and Day Retreats. Gift Vouchers are available for all our Yoga classes and Events. 

Leg Stretch

Stay - Cations in Somerset are a wonderful way to fully immerse yourself in holistic country life. During your stay-cation you can expect to enjoy yoga, meditation, home cooking, and coastal adventures. In addition you can book in for massages, coaching and mentoring, personal training, and excursions to nearby historic places such as Glastonbury Tor and Watchet Harbour. 


We often host our own Events, often collaborating with other local businesses. We are also happy to come along to your event and provide any of our services from workshops, yoga, and holistic treatments. Gift Vouchers are available for most of the events we host. 

Lanterns in a Tent