Discovery Based Change Training

Discovery Based Training Workshops are designed to support the Health and Wellbeing of your teams by inspiring colour and energy within – which we refer to as the hidden ingredient - Happiness. The workshops are interactive and experiential, and challenge individuals to give wellbeing some urgency, and to consider the impact and cost to them if they resist. 

The training offers the Science, Education, and Strategies to review their current personal and professional life in relation to their Health and ‘Being Well’

The Training provides a platform to review, reflect and reset to happiness and productivity, in return you can expect to see an increase in your retention, revenue and reputation as a business or organisation. 

The workshops are delivered nationally in your venue, and because we understand that the needs of each professional sector vary, we tailor the training to address the specific needs of your workforce, community group or educational setting. 

We offer half or full day experiences, and after our initial consultation with you, we create the workshops content specifically to your requirements. 

Workshop Ideas

  • Stress Management – Stress and Anxiety Toolbox

  • Achieving Potential – Emotional Resilience for Results

  • Healthy Life – Nutrition and Exercise for a better You

  • Dis-ease – High risk Health Factors

  • Creating Happy Places – Gratitude, Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Hungry for Change - Habits and Behaviours 

  • Stuck or Struck - Goal Setting for Long Term Change

Awareness is Curative

If you don't change - How will it effect your life in 3 years?

If We Listen to the Internal Whispers, We Never have to Hear the External Screams

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